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20 Sep 2021



English and Maths - WC 22nd June 2020

20 Jun 2020

Hi Phoenix,

Wow, these are the last four weeks of primary school! It just seems so crazy that it has come around so quickly. Hopefully the weather is going to be a bit more settled this week so you will be able to spend more time outside, enjoying the fresh air.

I have included the English and maths activities below. Maths is all about area, perimeter and volume – so don’t forget to use the correct units of measure. Our English continues with the theme of high school transition so I hope you enjoy them. Don’t forget, I’d love to see some examples of the writing that you have done during the previous weeks so I can see how well you’re doing.

Keep trying your best and be kind to your grown-ups!

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Foster smiley

Activity 1
LO: To write a powerful speech.

This week I’d like you to think about something you are passionate about. It could be an issue locally, something global or it might just be something you think matters to you. Either way, I’d like you to plan and write a speech to explain why the issue is important and why people need to focus on it. I’d like to see your writing set out in paragraphs and you considering your language choices carefully. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you produce.

Activity 2
LO: To write a haiku.

You will have written haikus when you were in Year 3 and 4 so I am hoping you will really enjoy this opportunity to write some more. A haiku is a poem which is made up of only three lines and each line follows a strict syllabic pattern. The first line has 5 syllables, the second line has 7 syllables and the third line has 5 syllables. I would like the theme to carry on from some of your English work from last week when we focussed on being kind. Can you create a haiku that explains what it means to show kindness in school?

This week is all about area, perimeter and volume. Just remember to apply your knowledge of the four operations and remember the importance of following the formula and using the correct units of measure. Useful vocabulary this week will be – area, perimeter, volume, rectilinear, square, rectangle, triangle, parallelogram, cube, cuboid, cm, mm, m.
I have also attached the flashback 4 (it’s the same as last weeks as you won’t have gotten through it all) – just remember the rules about not letting yourself see the answers before you start.
Flashback 4
Video links
Activity 1
LO: To develop understanding of area and perimeter.
Activity 2
LO: To calculate the area of triangles.
Activity 3
LO: To calculate the area of parallelograms.
Activity 4
LO: To calculate the volume of cuboids.

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