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20 Sep 2021



Home Learning WC 5th January

04 Jan 2021

Please find the activities below for English and Maths which cover Tuesday to Friday learning. The maths focuses on Position and Direction and we have watched some of the videos in school, however as we dod not get the opportunity to carry out the activities I thought this might be a good opportunity for you to refresh what we did before the holidays. I will upload assignments onto Teams so that you can add your work daily for me to provide feedback.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Foster smiley

Maths - Position and Direction

Please find links to the White Rose Maths videos below and the activity sheets which supplement them. I have also provided the answers if children wish to self-mark. We did watch some of these videos in school before we broke up for Christmas, however the children did not get the opportunity to complete the activities so I felt that it would be a good opportunity for them to do that this week. I have also attached the Flashback 4 activities for you to complete on a daily basis. 

Video links

Activity 1
Answers 1
Activity 2
Answers 2
Activity 3
Answers 3
Activity 4
Answers 4


This week I would like you to have a go at the attached Pobble activities. There are a variety of activities for you to have a go at. I suggest you do one or two each day and then do the longer writing task at the end of the week. I will put assignment links on Teams so that you can upload them for feedback.

Pobble task


This half term we are going to be learning about the impact of the Second World War, particularly focussing on children. I would like you to work through the attached slideshow and then have a go at completing the attached activities.

KWL grid
Timeline activity
Information sheet


This half term we are going to be learning about differnt ways people express their religious beliefs. This week we are going to be looking at some relgious pieces of art that are well-known. Have a look at the differnt pieces I have chosen and then chose one to find out more about. 


Picture News:

This week Picture News is focussing on Pets and how there was a huge increase in the amount of pets bought during the last lockdown and the impact that might have over the next 5 years. Read through and have a go at the questions on the Picture News at Home resource and then write a letter to the RSPCA using the following structure:

• Why are you writing?
• What do you admire or like about their work?
• Tell them about your favourite pet and why you like it.
• Share any ideas, suggestions or hopes you have for the future.

Picture News at Home

Art Challenge:

This week I would like you to choose one of the clips from the link below and then find out more about your artist of choice. Could you create a poster about who the artist is, what type of art they created, when and where they lived, famous pieces of art they created. I will look forward to what you produce.


Wellbeing work

As we are all having to work apart again I thought it might be useful to take some time to think about your wellbeing. I have attached a booklet below which includes differnt activities for you to complete. You can print out the booklet or just copy out the activities. The important thing is that you spend some time thinking about them.

Wellbeing booklet

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