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20 Sep 2021



Wider Curriculum Home Learning WC 18th January

16 Jan 2021

Hi Phoenix,

Below you will find lots of links and activities to help you with your learning this week. They follow the new timetable that was sent out last week (remember to check with your grown ups as each of your timetables are personal to you) and they will be uploaded onto Teams in the same order. Currently, the learning is there for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I will get Friday's learning onto the page as soon as possible.

I hope you enjoy the activities we have put together for you and that you have fun learning this week.

I am looking forward to seeing you on our Zoom sessions.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Foster smiley
  • Monday:

Science @ 1.15pm -Oak Academy recorded session - link below

Last week you were learning all about where light comes from and I was really impressed with some of the work that was sent in via Teams - particularly the neat presentation. This week you will be continuing to learn about light but will be moving your learning forward to focus on to reflection. You touched on this idea last week but this week you will learn much more.

Lesson 2 - What is reflection and how can we use it?

Zoom session @ 2.45pm
  • Tuesday:

Total Sports session @ 11am recorded session - link below

Join one of the Total Sports Coaches for a PE session to get you active whilst you're having to stay at home. Don't forget you also have access to the Real PE site which has some great activities for you to have a go at. Your parents should have a user name and password for you and there is a great video to watch to get you started.

PE link

History @ 1.15pm -recorded session - link in files on Teams

This week we are moving our learning on from the work you completed last week around evacuation to look at the impact of rationing. You will learn all about how much people were allowed and why rationing began. You will also find out why it took so long after the war ended for rationing to be revoked. If you are unable to access the recording, the main presentation is below. There are also some activity sheets however you do not need to print them; you can just display them on your screen. After the presentation/recording, I would like you to complete the comprehension activity. There is an easier one and a harder one. Can you let me know which you have chosen by writing it as your title and uploading it to Teams - remember to answer in full sentences where necessary and use the text to help you.

Rationing information for questions
Rationing comprehension questions
Wartime recipe book

Zoom session @ 2.45pm
  • Wednesday:
Global/Art @ 1.15pm - Starts with Zoom lesson. Link sent out 'Mrs Bassitt's Zoom'

Thank you for your requests on Teams last week for either Global or Art. As it was so close we are going to combine the two. We will start at 1.15pm by looking at 'Poster Art', the topic that we are covering in art. We will discuss what makes a good poster and how posters make us feel. We will look at ideas for effective and persuasive posters relating to global issues.
You will then have a go at creating your own poster. These are to be uploaded on to Teams please.

Hopefully you can all join the lesson at 1.15pm, but just incase you are not able to you can use the powerpoint link below.

Poster Art

Zoom Session @ 2.45pm again using Mrs Bassitt's Zoom link - we will share some of our posters and discuss their persuassive effect.
  • Thursday:

French @ 11am - recorded session - link in files on Teams

To carry on your learning in French, go into files on Teams and watch the video from the French subject folder. The PowerPoint below includes the activity sheets the teacher asks you to complete - they do not need printing out, you just need to be able to display them on your screen.

Due to technical issues this week we are using recordings made for another school, but the lesson contect is the same. Ignore the introduction about not having had French since October. Thank you. 

French activities Powerpoint

RE @ 1.15pm - recorded session - link in files on Teams

This week, the learning will be similar to last week's structure however you will be finding out about the Mosque and why it is important to Muslim people. I would like you to answer the questions during the presentation and make notes on aspects you find interesting. There is a video link below too, that you can watch after you have listened to the presentation. I have created a link to the Powerpoint below too, just incase you have any issues with the recording.

The importance of the Mosque
Video link

Zoom Session @ 2.45pm 
  • Friday:
Music @ 11am - recorded session - link below - then just click on the Year 6 lesson.

Mrs Kendrick has recorded another session which follows on from your learning last week when you started to look at music related to different characters in films and TV shows. 

Music Link
Activity 1
Activity 2

Jigsaw/PSHE - @ 1.15pm on Zoom with Mrs Foster using the Year 6 link.

This week we are going to carry on our learning about dreams and goals and look at how we can display what we would like to achieve. Following our session on Zoom, if you have time and happen to have appropriate equipment at home, you could have a go at making a 3D Totem Pole - I would love to see a photo.

Totem pole template

Jigsaw presentation
  • Optional Extras:

Picture News:

This week's Picture News resources are below and it is all about clapping for 'heroes'. As well as the resources linked to the focus on the week there is a jigsaw piece template which I would love you to complete and email to me.

Picture News at home
Resource 1
Resource 2
Jigsaw piece


If you would like to do some additional computing activities, follow the link below to learn about what makes a good website.

Session 1 - Web page creation

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