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20 Sep 2021



Wider Curriculum Home Learning WC 1st February

30 Jan 2021

Hi Phoenix,

Below you will find lots of links and activities to help you with your learning this week. The sessions follow the order of the timetable you have - don't forget to check with your parents if the timings are suitable to you (don't worry if they can't be done at that time and you have to do them at a different time or if there is something you cannot get done). Currently, the learning is there for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; I will get the rest of the week's learning onto the page as soon as possible.

Don't forget on Wednesday we have our special wellbeing afternoon. I have added some activities that you may want to have a go at for Wednesday however that afternoon is about you and you doing activities that are good for your wellbeing. For that reason, if you have other ideas of what you would like to do on Wednesday afternoon please do those instead. I will put an assignment on Teams but that is only so you can upload a photo of the things you chose to do. There will be no Zooms that afternoon but Mrs Bassitt will do your special The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas art session next week.

I hope you enjoy the activities we have put together for you and that you have fun learning this week.

I am looking forward to seeing you on our Zoom sessions.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Foster smiley
  • Monday:
Science @ 1.15pm -Oak Academy recorded session - link below

Last week you were learning all about refraction and I was really impressed with how well you understood this. This week you will be moving your learning forward again and looking at how we are able to see light. Follow the video and do the quizzes and hopefully you will enjoy the learning for this session.

Lesson 4 - How do we see light?

Zoom session @ 2.45pm
  • Tuesday:
Total Sports session @ 11am recorded session - link below

Join one of the Total Sports Coaches for a PE session to get you active whilst you're having to stay at home. Don't forget you also have access to the Real PE site which has some great activities for you to have a go at. Your parents should have a user name and password for you and there is a great video to watch to get you started.

PE link

History @ 1.15pm -recorded session - link in files on Teams

This week we are moving our learning on to look at the Holocaust. Some of you already have knowledge of this and may have developed further understanding from the news last week as it was Holocaust Memorial Day on the 27th January - Mrs Bassitt used this theme for her Collective Worship. If you decide or are unable to listen to the recording on Teams, I just want to explain something from the first few slides. There is a reference to good and bad apples and the idea is that we don't always know which are which until we look at the inside. It is the same with people - we need to get to know them before we can decide whether they are good or bad.

Once you have carried out all of the learning around the Holocaust, I would like you to have a go at producing a poster linked to the lessons we can learn from studying what happened during the Holocaust. I really hope to put some of these up on display when we get back to school.

Holocaust Survivor Stories
Video link - Anne Frank

Zoom session @ 2.45pm
  • Wellbeing Wednesday:
This afternoon we are all going to focus on our wellbeing and doing things that make us feel more positive and happy. I have added some ideas below that have been provided by Pobble. Remember what we have said, if you have your own ideas please do those - you do not have to follow our suggestions - it is all about you having a calming and relaxing afternoon and working on your wellbeing.

Activities 1
Activities 2
Environmental ideas
  • Thursday
French @ 11am - video link below

Follow the link below to continue developing your French learning from last week and becoming more confident with asking questions and choosing the correct vocabulary.

French link

RE @ 1.15pm - recorded session - Link in Files on Teams

This week we are going to focus on how the Christian religion believes in generosity and the charities which has been formed as part of Christianity. Work your way through the recording, taking time to make notes as you will need this information next week when you create a double page spread.


Zoom session @ 2.45pm
  • Friday
Music @ 11am - link below

This is your last session with Mrs Kendrick this half term and I know she has some exciting activities planned for you. You will need some paper and items to draw with. If you have colours too, they may be quite useful.

Music link‚Äč

PSHE @ 1.15pm - Taught session on Zoom

As this is children's mental health week, we are going to turn our focus away from our Jigsaw topic and spend sometime expressing ourselves. If you cannot join our Zoom at 1.15pm then read through the powerpoint and then watch the video and have a go at the activity.


Sharing Assembly @ 2.30pm on Zoom
  • Optional Extras

Picture News:

This week's question is: 'Why do people choose to climb mountains?' Have a go at the attached tasks and if you would like to send me what you have done just attach it to an existing assignment.

Learning from home ideas - 1st February
Resource 1
Resource 2


I know some of you have enjoyed the topic on website creation so I have attached the third session below.

Session 4 - How does it look?
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