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20 Sep 2021



English and Maths Home Learning WC 8th February

03 Feb 2021

Hi Phoenix,

Well we have made it to the final week of this half term and I am so proud of how you have all kept going throughout this difficult time. You should all be so proud of yourselves and remember that every day that passes is just a day closer to us being back in the classroom together! YAY!

I am loving the extra things you are now adding to Teams - the work is great too however I think it's the extra things that keeps us together as a class. Thank you so much for these and keep them coming!

I have outlined below the English and maths for this week - make sure you look carefully so you know which sessions are on Zoom and which aren't - although I have kept it the same format as last week so hopefully it will help.

Take care and I will see you on Zoom.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Foster smiley

Maths - Algebra

This week we will be continuing our work on algebra. We will finish the unit after the half term break as we haven't got enough sessions to finish this week  As well as the video links, flashback 4 and activities I have added a true or false question each day and some problem solving and reasoning activities if you would like some extra challenges. The problem solving and reasoning activities are meant to be for the whole unit so if you choose to do one please don't do too many in one go.

Video links
Flashback4 no answers

Monday:taught session on Zoom at 8.45am

LO: To learn how to form expressions
I can recognise algebraic expressions;
I can write using the correct form;
I can solve simple algebraic equations.
T or F

Tuesday:taught session on Zoom at 8.45am

LO: To understand how substitution can be used in algebra.
I can use algebraic expressions;
I recognise that other symbols can be used instead of numbers.
T or F

Wednesday:taught session on Zoom at 11am

LO: To use simple formulae.
I can recognise patterns;
I can use knowledge to calculate different terms.
T or F

Thursday - recorded session through video link:

LO: To form simple equations.
I can use the correct expressive terms;
I can apply knowledge of algebraic expressions to calculate.
T or F

Friday - recorded session through video link:

LO: To solve simple one step equations.
I can apply my knowledge of algebraic expressions;
I can form algebraic expressions acurately.
T or F

Problem Solving and Reasoning


This week we will be carrying out some learning on some grammar and punctuation topics as well as a couple of class novel sessions. You will learn how to use semi-colons, colons, dashes and hyphens with greater confidence as well as learning more about synonyms and antonyms.

Monday - taught session on Zoom at 11am

LO: To develop responses to questions.

Today we will read chapter 16 and spend some time discussing points and structuring responses accurately. I have put numbers in brackets as an indication of the marks a question might be worth. This should make you think carefully about the length and detail you put into an answer.

1) Why do you think Kotler has been transferred away from Out-With? (1m)
2) How do we know that Gretel is growing up and changing? (1m)
3) What might Gretel be doing with the maps and pins? (2m)
4) Mother and Father should give Bruno and Gretel more information about what is going on. Do you agree? (2m)
5) What do you think will happen next? Why do you think this? Use evidence from the text to support your reasoning. (3m)

Use your knowledge of the text to copy out the passage below and fill in the missing words.

Bruno’s ___________ dies, and the family return to _______for her funeral. Berlin has changed and Bruno is pleased to return to Out-With, especially as ________has been transferred. Bruno and Shmuel discuss their strange friendship and wish that they could ______ together. Bruno asks Gretel about the fence, and she explains that the Jews must be kept _________ from the ‘Opposite.’ When Bruno questions this, she says that the ‘Opposite’ do not like the Jews, but cannot explain why. The children discover they have ______ in their hair, and Bruno has to have his hair _______. He and Shmuel agree later that this makes them look even more alike.

Tuesday - recorded session - link in files on Teams (10am)

LO: To understand and use more complex puncutation

Today you will learn to use semi-colons, colons and dashes with greater accuracy. There is a recording of the powerpoint in files on Teams or you can just work through the presentation below. Have a go at carrying out the tasks but remember you do not have to print them off - you can just display them on the screen and write on paper or in an exercise book.

Using semi-colons, colons and dashes
Matching activity
Examples in texts

Wednesday - recorded session - link in files on Teams (10am)

LO: To understand the use of hyphens.

Today you will develop your knowledge of the use of hyphens to avoid ambiguity in texts (this means confusion). 

Lucy text
Helpful hyphens
Avoiding ambiguity

Thursday - taught session on Zoom at 8.45am

LO: To understand antonyms and synonyms.

Today you will learn about the difference between synonyms and antonyms and how they can add more detail to your writing.

Sorting words activity
Choosing effective vocabulary

Friday - taught session on Zoom at 8.45am

LO: To consider the use of symbolism in a text.

Today we will read chapter 17 together and begin to develop our answering skills further to ensure we cover all points being asked in the question.

1) How do we know that Mother dislikes being at Out-With? (2m)
2) What is the difference between ‘seeing’ and ‘watching’? (2m)
3) What do you think convinces Father that Mother is right about the children returning to Berlin? (2m)

Grammar Session Link - optional
Spelling Session Link - optional
Reading Link - optional
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