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20 Sep 2021



English and Maths Home Learning WC 1st March

24 Feb 2021

Hi Phoenix,

Well, we finally made it to our last week of remote learning; next week we'll all be back together in school! It will be so lovely for us ot all be back together and continue our learning in the classroom. I have been super proud of you all with the independence you have shown and the dedication to your learning; it has truly been amazing.

Below, I have outlined the learning for maths and English this week and I am looking forward to seeing your hard work being uploaded onto Teams. In maths you will be finishing the unit on converting measures and then beginning to look at perimeter, area and volume. In English, you will be planning, drafting, editing and publishing your Fairytale postcards - I can't wait to read them!

This week we have World Book Day happening too and have a few exciting activities around that for you to take part in. Each day, on Teams, there will be a video uploaded of one of the members of staff reading a piece of text and a clue. The tricky thing will be that the member of staff will be wearing a mask so you will need to try to work out who it is. Keep a list over the week as all will be revelaed in sharing assembly on Friday. On Wednesday afternoon, at 1.45pm, you will be able to watch an exciting production from Settle Stories (we have had them come into school in the past). Your parents will have been sent a link for this and need to register so that they can receive the link for you to watch it. Here is the link again if they need it: Settle Stories link.

On Thursday, we will have a special collective worship at 10.15am from Miss Connor and the librarians and you can also dress up as your favourite book character. We will also be able to watch a production from the Globe Players (the same company who performed for us, virtually, at Christmas) - I will forward details to your parents next week. If you do any other WBD activities, I would love you to send me some photos - I will put an extra assignment on for the week for this.

Here are some ideas of extra activities you could do with a WBD theme:

25 Non-screen + WBD activities

Take care and I will see you on Zoom.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Foster smiley

Maths - Measures and perimeter, area and volume.

This week we will be continuing our work on measures. Once we come to the end of measures you will move on to the topic of perimeter, area and volume.  As well as the video links, flashback 4 and activities I have added a true or false question each day and some problem solving and reasoning activities if you would like some extra challenges. The problem solving and reasoning activities are meant to be for the whole unit so if you choose to do one please don't do too many in one go.

Video links
Flashback4 no answers

Monday: taught session on Zoom @ 8.45am

LO: To calculate with metric measures.
I can say what measures are metric.
I can convert between different metric measures.
I can use my knowledge of multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 when converting.
T or F

Tuesday: taught session on Zoom @ 8.45am

LO: To convert between miles and kilometres.
I can use simple equivalence.
I can use knowledge of multiplication and division.
I can explain what approximately means.
T or F

Wednesday:taught session on Zoom at 11am

LO: To understand different imperial measures.
I can talk about different imperial measures.
I can use simple equivalence to convert.
I can explain what approximately means.
T or F

Thursday - recorded session through video link (10ish):

LO: To recognise that different shapes can have the same area.
I can calculate area.
I can record area correctly.
I can apply knowledge of multiplication.
T or F

Friday - recorded session through video link (10ish):

LO: To understand the difference between area and perimeter.
I can apply knowledge of multiplication and addition.
I can record perimeter and area correctly.
I can explain how to calculate both area and perimeter.
T or F

Problem Solving and Reasoning


This week we will begin by reading chapter 19 and 20 of the class novel and respond to questions. We will then be using our learning from last week to plan, draft, edit and publish our postcards. I will upload the presentation for each English session once I have been able to view some of the work on Teams each day - that way I can tailor the learning to the children's needs.

Monday - taught session on Zoom @ 11am

LO: To develop an understanding of themes within a text.

Today we will read chapter 19 and work together to answers the questions below. We will probably read chapter 20 at the end of the session and have a short discussion about how the book ends. Once we are back in school we will do some follow up work on the book.

1) How does the weather threaten Bruno’s plans?
2) What might the author mean when he writes, ‘It was almost as if they were all exactly the same’?
3) Describe the scene Bruno sees when he enters the centre of the camp. How does it differ to what he has imagined?
5) How did you feel when you read this chapter?

Tuesday - recorded session through link on Teams (10ish)

LO: To plan a postcard.

Today we will look at how to plan the postcard you will be writing. During the session, we will recap the sentence stacking we did last week and then look at how we can use the different shapes to plan what will happen in your writing. I will share the success criteria with you of lenses from the writing rainbow which I would like you to include.


Wednesday - recorded session through link on Teams (9.30ish)

LO: To use a plan to independently write a postcard.

Today's presentation will be very short as it will just go through the key success criteria to writing your postcard.


Thursday - taught session on Zoom @ 8.45am

LO: To edit a postcard.

Today we will work together to think about the editing process. We will focus on three key areas of improvement and you will be given time between each section to edit your own writing. If you are unable to join the Zoom, I would like you to spend some time looking carefully at your punctuation, spellings and vocabulary choices when editing your postcard. You are not to re-write your postcard today though, it is important that you give enough time to editing. If you find you finish early, I would like you to have a go at some of the WBD activities above.

Friday - taught session on Zoom @ 8.45am

LO: To publish our writing.

Today you will use your editing from yesterday to write your final piece for publishing.

As well as your writing today, you may like to watch a love event from the World Book Day organisers. The link is here: Books and the Real World and the live session is at 10.30am but you can watch it at any time after that if you miss it.


Grammar Session Link - optional
Spelling Session Link - optional
Reading Link - optional
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