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20 Sep 2021



Wider Curriculum Home Learning WC 1st March

27 Feb 2021

Hi Phoenix,

Below you will find lots of links and activities to help you with your learning this week. The sessions follow the order of the timetable you have - don't forget to check with your parents if the timings are suitable to you (don't worry if they can't be done at that time and you have to do them at a different time or if there is something you cannot get done).

I hope you enjoy the activities we have put together for you and that you have fun learning this week.

I am looking forward to seeing you on our Zoom sessions.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Foster smiley
  • Monday:
Science @ 1.15pm - recorded session - link in files on Teams

This week I would like you to create a double-page spread about your learning of light. Watch the short recording of the presentation below and then have a go at creating your amazing piece. This will take the place of your end of unit assessment and next week, when we're back in school, we'll begin our new topic.


Rhythm of life session on Zoom @ 2.45pm
  • Tuesday:
Total Sports session @ 11am recorded session - link below

Join one of the Total Sports Coaches for a PE session to get you active whilst you're having to stay at home. Don't forget you also have access to the Real PE site which has some great activities for you to have a go at. Your parents should have a user name and password for you and there is a great video to watch to get you started.

PE link

Geography @ 1.15pm -recorded session - link in files on Teams

This week we will begin our geography learning for our new topic: Story of the Sea. We will start today with a recap of our knowledge of continents and oceans. There will be a recoring of the presentation below, in Teams, and I am looking forward to seeing your completed activities.

Activity - medium
Activity - harder

Rhythm of life session on Zoom @ 2.45pm 
  • Wednesday
Settle Stories @ 1.45pm - through link emailed to parents once they have registered

In anticipation of World Book Day tomorrow, you have an exciting opportunity to watch a performance by Settle Stories. Make sure your parents have followed this link to register and they will then be sent the details for you to watch the performance.

Follow up at 3pm - Using Mrs Bassitt's Zoom link
Discussion about Arabian Nights followed by a quick 'Who wrote' book quiz.
  • Thursday
French @ 11am - video link below

Follow the link below to continue developing your French learning from last week and becoming more confident with asking questions and choosing the correct vocabulary. Click on the video that is titled Zoom_0 Year 6 for this week's session.

French link
French activity pack

The Globe Players performance @ 1.45pm - link below

This afternoon there will not be an RE session as you will be sent the link to The Globe Players event that we have organised as part of our World Book Day activities. 

Romeo and Juliet link

Rhythm of Life Session on Zoom @ 3pm
  • Friday
Music @ 11am - video link below

Follow the link below, to continue with your learning in music. 

Video link

Jigsaw @ 1.15 - Live lesson on Zoom

This week we are continuing our learning about 'Healthy Me.'. We will be thinking about different types of drugs this week and how some are not used properly. We will discuss this in detail during our Zoom session.


Sharing on Zoom @ 2.30pm
  • Optional Extras
Picture News:

This week's question is: 'Should we choose products based on their packaging' Have a go at the attached tasks and if you would like to send me what you have done just attach it to an existing assignment.

Learning from home ideas - 1st March
Resource 1
Resource 2
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