13 Sep 2019


We teach history following the National Curriculum.  We encourage our children to find out about the past by looking at evidence and considering informed opinion by using original sources. Our focus on pupils’ knowing more over time is aided by planning sequenced history units with regular revisits and recalls integrated into planning to support the development of pupils’ long term memory. 

We aim to bring history to life and to instill a desire to find out about our predecessors. We plan a hands on approach, using our local area as a focal point for study where possible. A number of visits to sites of interest are planned to ensure that the children develop a love for learning and a depth of knowledge that inspires their curiosity to know more about their place in their world. Historical artefacts are used to engage children in lively discussions, as we develop our children to be inquisitive investigators.  

We help our children to understand that history means everything that has happened in the past, and to gain an understanding of time scales and chronology. Historical records are considered and children learn the difference between fact and opinion, along with bias.

Our planning for history ensures that our children gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past, including the local area, and that of the wider world and civilizations.


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