Modern Foreign Language Updated December 2020

13 Sep 2019

At Killinghall, we value the teaching of languages as a valuable educational, social and cultural experience for our pupils. As a school, we have committed to the provision of French teaching in both Key Stages through our link with a specialist external provider to deliver high-quality languages education. French is a popular subject which is used as a tool to promote key British Values (e.g. tolerance of other cultures), as well as developing global citizenship in line with our school driver of ‘Our Place In Our World’. 
 One of our primary aims from 2020 is to raise the profile of French across the school and to ensure that knowledge and skills acquired through the teaching of languages are intrinsically linked with the rest of the curriculum, in the same way as other Foundation Subjects. Foreign languages are a useful tool to support children in their development of linguistical and syntactical understanding, cultural awareness and key skills in speaking and listening. As such, a key priority is to share with staff the progression of skills and knowledge being taught through specialist lessons and ensure that they are in the loop about what classes are being taught by external providers, in order for them to seek out relevant knowledge and vocabulary that is transferable and linkable to the wider curriculum.


KS1 Schemes of Work

KS2 Schemes of Work

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