Aspiring Entrepreneur Programme

13 Sep 2019

Aspiring Entrepreneur Programme 

One of our school drivers is titled aspiring entrepreneurs. Our description of what this looks like in our school is:

‘Pupils begin to engage in the concept of the world of work and have an understanding of the value of money. Pupils are encouraged to challenge themselves to gain high aspirations about what their future ‘world of work’ may look like. Entrepreneurship is encouraged by engaging the children in activities that fire their imaginations towards enterprise and fund raising. Children are encouraged to face challenges with resilience and self-reliance while also using team work and problem solving skills within an ethos of positive competition  Pupils reflect upon their work to ensure that they are able to improve it and set themselves aspirational targets for the future.’

As part of our curriculum work children in Year 6 take part in our Aspiring Entrepreneur programme. This includes setting up small businesses and running the Christmas and Summer Fairs.

The sessions involve:

What is enterprise?

Skills audit.

Budgeting & finance, including profit & loss.

Business planning, including record keeping.


Buying & selling.


Each group plans, budgets and sets up their own company providing either good or services.  Children have set up companies involving selling homemade lemonade, selling and personalising decorated buns, and a stall creating and selling fruit and sweet cups and kebabs.

All year groups from Year 1 upwards also work within this framework with links made in all curriculum areas. Like The Upper KS2 children, they also set up and run stalls at the Christmas and Summer Fair.

Any profit made is linked to money raised by the School Council Tuck shop. The children, in discussion with the headteacher, decide what to spend profits on to make their school even better.

Each year the profits mean that the Yr 6 children were able to visit London to support our British Values work.


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