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3rd May 2022

I would like you to find 3 different plants. You may want to look in your garden, in the park or in a book! In your writing books, I would like you to write me a description of each plant! Remember to use adjectives, your senses and similies when describing the plants you find.

You can also draw me a picture of the plant you are describing if you would like!

Miss Poole :)'

Homework - Spring Term

  • Math Homework - 14th March

    14 Mar 2022

    Hello everybody!
    In Maths last week, we were learning to compare different heights and lengths. For your homework I would like you to find 5 different objects from around your house or your garden. Draw the objects in your books or take a picture to go in your books and then write 5 sentences using your vocabularly of tall, taller, tallest, short, shorter, shorter and long, longer, longest. For example; the carrot is longer than the potato.

    Enjoy! :) 

  • PLC 7th March

    07 Mar 2022

    Hello everybody!

    For your PLC this week I would like you to create some art work all about the weather. You can be as creative as you like! Here are some ideas if you need them:

    A page split in 4 to show the seasons.
    A painting of a sunset or a sunrise.
    A self portait of you in your favourite weather- think about what you would need to wear!

    You can keep a weather diary. Fill in the boxes for the weather for that day and make a predicition for the next day! You may even want to create your own diary with descriptions of the weather that day.

    Weather diary template

    Everything is due in for Monday 28th March. I cannot wait to see what you create! :)

  • English Homework 17.1.22

    17 Jan 2022

    Hello everybody!

    As we have been talking about facts in our writing, I would like you to write me 5 facts about yourself. There are lots of things to choose from, here are a few ideas.

    • How old you are.
    • What town do you live in.
    • What is your favourite meal.
    • Do you have any pets.
    • What do you want to be when you grow up.
    • What kind of personality do you have.

    Extension- can you draw a picture to accompany each one of your facts?

    I will send homework books home tomorrow for those who have not already got them. I am looking forward to reading your facts! :)

    Due in on Monday 24th January.

  • Maths Homework - 10th January

    11 Jan 2022

    Hello everybody!
    For your Maths Homework this week, I would like you to go on a shape hunt around your house or garden to recap your 2D and 3D shape knowledge.
    Can you find 3 2D shapes and 3 3D shapes and draw and label them in your book?
    As an extension, can you explain why they are that shape e.g. it is a square because it has 4 sides and 4 corners?

    Due in Monday 17th January.

Homework - Autumn Term

  • PLC Monday 6th December

    07 Dec 2021

    Hello everybody!
    Your PLC this week is Christmas themed. I would like you to create a Christmas nativity scene at home. You can be as creative as you like with this. Some ideas may be drawing, building blocks, cuddly toys, playdough. These do not need to be brought into school, instead you can email me a picture to bpoole@killinghall.n-yorks.sch.uk.
    As an extension, you can write out the story to go with your nativity scene.
    I look forward to seeing them!

  • English Homework - 22nd November

    22 Nov 2021

    Hello everybody!
    For your homework this week, I would like you to write me a couple of sentences as if writing a travel journal. You may want to write it about something you got up to at the weekend like going to the park or a holiday you have been on before. 

    The headings:
    The travel (how you got there)
    What you saw (e.g. animals, views, family or friends)
    The weather (was it hot, cold, windy, sunny)
    The best bit (your favourite part of the trip)

    You may choose just one or two headings to write about or you may write a sentence for each heading!
    It is important to say your sentence before you write it to make sure it makes sense. Remember to sound out your words to ensure that all the sounds are correct. Remember full stops, finger spaces and capital letters!
    I am looking forward to reading them! Please write your sentences in your Writing Homework books.

  • Maths Homework - 8th November

    08 Nov 2021

    Hello everybody!
    Your homework is to join the National Sumdog Competition! All you need to do is log on using the login codes in the front of your reading records and enter the competition. Complete the activities linked to the competition and lets see how well we can do! The competition ends on Friday 12th November.
    Enjoy :)

  • PLC Monday 18th September

    18 Oct 2021

    Hello everybody. I have really enjoyed looking at all of your research about different buildings!
    Your PLC for over half term is based on our science work. I would like you to create a piece of work that demonstrates what a healthy, balanced diet looks like.
    As this is a PLC you can be creative with it!

    Some ideas are-
    A picture of a plate split into the key food groups.
    A food diary of what you eat in a day or a week.
    A leaflet or poster about what a balanced diet is.

    This PLC will be due Monday 8th November.

    You also have a login code in your reading records for a website called Literacy Planet. This has all sorts of tasks and games linking to grammar, phonics and spelling. I will be setting different challenges on there for you to complete. It would be great if you could have a go at some of these or just log on for a bit of fun over the half term!

  • Maths Homework - 11th October

    11 Oct 2021

    Hello everybody. I hope you had a lovely weekend.
    The homework this week is to write 5 number sentences using the <, >, = signs that we have been learning. For example 6 > 4.
    Extension- can you show the numbers as objects and use the signs to complete the sentences? For example *** < *******.
    Due- Monday 18th October
    (Don't forget your PLCs are due next Monday, I can't wait to see them!)

  • English Homework - 4th October 2021

    04 Oct 2021

    Hello everybody!
    I hope your PLCs are going well, I can't wait to learn all about the different buildings you have been learning about.
    Your homework this week is to draw an animal of your choice and write a description of it. Use lots of adjectives! You can use your senses to help your descriptions. What does the animal look like? What does the animal smell like? What does the animal sound like? What does the animal feel like?
    Extension- describe where the animal lives.
    Due- Monday 11th October

  • PLC Monday 27th September

    27 Sep 2021

    Hello Dragons!
    This weeks homework will be a Personal Learning Challenge due in on Monday 18th October.
    Our theme this term is all about Harrogate and it's buildings. I would like you to investigate a famous building from somewhere else in the world. You will need to find out some exciting facts, these may include:

    • When it was built
    • Why it was built
    • How tall it is
    • Why it was made
    • Where it is

    Include anything that you find out! You may make a poster, a leaflet or a fact file.
    I look forward to learning all about your super buildings.

    Miss Poole

  • Maths Homework- 20th September 2021

    20 Sep 2021

    Please hand in Monday 27th September.
    Hello everybody! I am looking forward to reading your super sentences about yourselves this week.
    For this weeks homework, I would like you to show different ways of showing a number in your books. For example, for the number 5 you may want to draw 5 trees in your books. You may want to find 5 objects and take a picture of them to stick in your books. You may want to draw around 5 fingers. Be creative! Please do this for at least 3 different numbers between 1-10.

    The other part of your homework is to back your maths books like you did with your writing books.

  • English Homework -13th September 2021

    13 Sep 2021

    For your homework this week, I would like you to write a couple of sentences in your books telling me about yourself. What are you like? What are your family like? What did you do over the Summer? You can draw a picture to go with your sentences if you like.
    You may also back your homework books. Make sure your name is still visible on the front cover.

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