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Our Vision Statement

our vision poster

Tag line : 'Helping children make the next step on their learning journey'

At Killinghall CE Primary School we always strive for excellence, empowering children to be happy, well motivated and engaged upon their learning journey. Children are challenged to be the best they can within the delivery of a curriculum that inspires and broadens their experiences and develops a life long passion for learning. A forward thinking school, preparing children for the 21st century by providing opportunities for them to be resilient and resourceful risk takers, where positive relationships and reflective skills empower children in both their own learning and that of their peers.

We aim:

  • To create a dynamic, child-centred partnership where everyone works together to provide a secure and inclusive environment that gives every individual the opportunity to achieve their best.
  • To value pupil voice to enable all children to confidently articulate their opinions and feelings and become active citizens, locally, nationally and globally.
  • To contribute to a life long love of learning for every pupil that nurtures pride and high self esteem in all activities.
  • To promote a Christian ethos that encourages children to have an understanding of faith as well as an acceptance of the values and beliefs of others.
  • To develop a sense of right and wrong; fostering the importance of good manners and consideration of others. A school where positive relationships are strong.
  • To encourage an understanding of what is needed to lead a healthy life style enabling the children to make their own choices. 

Our school motto is:  ‘Always treat others as you would like to be treated.’

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