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Parent Questionnaires

Our recent questionnaire (February 2022) was very positive in both the answers and additianl comments.

Parent Questionnaire January 2016

In the recent parent questionnaire, your comments reflected the positive impact that our extra-curricular clubs have had on the children. It also showed how much you appreciate our new 'wrap round' club and how this has benefitted the children and you as parents.

It was good to see how positive you all were about the value we place on safety and wellbeing for your children.

We have included a handful of your quotes from the answers to the questions:

  • ‘There is so much to choose from.’ ‘Excellent variety.’
  • ‘Sport and drama have provided real good confidence building experiences.’
  • ‘Cookery is a great skill for them.’
  • ‘Love the after school clubs.’
  • ‘A fantastic service – the children are happy to attend and it gives them a chance to play with their friends – an invaluable service.’
  • ‘It is fabulous and has meant that I have been able to return to work.’
  • H attends and really enjoys the care and lovely staff members.’
  • ‘Absolutely fantastic’
  • ‘Friendly, happy children.’
  • ‘Anti-bully awareness.’ ‘Children kept safe if parents not there at pick up.’
  • ‘All children are cared for extremely well, safety is always of high importance.’
  • ‘I feel safe sending my child to Killinghall.’
  • ‘Attention to each individual child is a credit to the school, the children feel valued and are able to confide in all staff.’
  • ‘Knowing all pupils as individuals.’
  • Lunch menu and encouraging healthy eating.’
  • ‘Core values, real sense of community where the children really care for each other’.
  • ‘Family feel to the school – all year groups mixing together and looking after each other’.
  • ‘Real friendship and care.’
  • ‘Respect for each other.’

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Parent Questionnaire June 2015

In the recent parent questionnaire, your comments reflected the positive impact that our new curriculum and drivers have had on the children. it also showed that the changes we have made to our reporting systems have been favourably received.

We have included a handful of your quotes. (To see the analysis of the questionnaire, CLICK HERE )

‘The school did an outstanding job in teaching the values of democracy & applied practise of political participation with the ‘general election.’

 ‘The drivers have had a really positive impact….he has wanted to continue his learning using the skills at home.’

 ‘This has helped with confidence and individuality.’

 ‘Has opened their horizons to what’s going on in the world.’

 ‘I think the school drivers bring out the children’s enthusiasm and passion for learning.’

 ‘He has been excited and engaged by all areas of learning.’

 ‘Getting involved in the local community is very positive. Thought the entrepreneur companies were an excellent learning tool.’

‘I think they are positive and encouraging drivers that inspire the children to investigate the world around them and think about the wider world rather than just the small world they live in. they encourage the children to work together to achieve success & form a bond with all age groups in school.’

 ‘The entrepreneur scheme and the elections were fantastic opportunities, helping the children gain necessary skills for life.’

 ‘Excellent ideas – giving the children responsibilities and confidence’.

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