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Transition Arrangements:

We have a very successful transition programme in place whereby children who are entering Reception Class in September will have 3 visits into school during the summer term prior to entry. The last of these includes staying for school lunch, which parents are also invited to. There is then a brief questions and answer session for parents with the teachers, TAs and Headteacher to ensure that parents have all the information they require.

On entry in September we operate a mornings only for the first week. In the afternoon parents are invited to make appointments with the teacher. This gives an opportunity for staff and parents to share information about the child. While this is happening one of our skilled TAs will work with your child to assess some basic skills.

For children who enter school in September to other class groups we invite them to spend a full transition day in school during July. This is our whole school transition day when all children move to their new classes. New children will be given two buddies to look after them and make sure that they know where everything is etc. At the end of the day all parents are invited into school to meet with the class teacher for a short information session about the year ahead and expectations within the new class.

If your child enters school at any other time during the year we make individual transition arrangements.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.


We work hard to ensure that our Year 6 leavers have a successful transtion to their High Schools. We work alongside secondary colleagues and other local primary schools to ensure that our pupils are well prepared for their 'move up'. We have a full programme of transition activites planned that ensure children are prepared mentally and accademically for the next step on their learning journey. Year 6 children have a celebratory 'Leavers' Day' to which parents are invited.

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