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Art and Design

Statement of Intent

Through Jesus, light of the world, we ignite the spark of curiosity, creativity and individuality. 

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Learning Journey

Throughout their journey through Killinghall, children will be exposed to a range of artistic disciplines. Each key stage will build on these foundations as they progress through the school.  


Sketch Books

At Killinghall, we use sketchbooks from year 1 through to year 6. The sketchbook is an important personal record and teachers will show children when it is appropriate to use them and for what purposes. The sketchbook acts as journey to the final composition. 

Purpose of Sketchbooks 

  • ​Used to gather, collect, experiment and reflect.
  • Used to assess children’s skills and progression. 
  • Used for reporting and sharing with parents and governors. 
  • Continue with the child throughout the school in order to show their progression of skills throughout their school journey. 
  • A way for children to express themselves and their creativity. 

Our Art and Design Leader is Miss Marshall

Art Teaching and Learning Approach


Each of the stages do not reflect individual lessons. Some may only take part of a lesson, some may take more than one lesson. Each unit will be underpinned by the study of an artist or artists, or a movement in art history. Children will learn about the Art Historical aspect of the chosen artist, how to comment on works of art and use key vocabulary to describe aspects of art. Each unit will have sketching skills and drawing skills built in which progress throughout the key stages. Children will learn the skills needed for their particular medium and then plan a final composition. The finished pieces will be evaluated and displayed around the school. 

Key Inspiration

At Killinghall, we have incorporated a diverse range of artists and medium who stretch across the globe to give children an experience of art from a wide range of cultures. Here are just a handful of some of the artists children will study throughout their time at Killinghall.